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MERRY KiwiCo Holiday Sale

Subscriptions: up to 4 months free when you use the code MERRY at checkout

* $10 off when you order a 1 month sub
* 1 month free with 3 month subs
* 2 months free with 6 month subs
* 4 months free with 12 month subs

Store (US): Save up to 30% off everything with code MERRY

* 20% off + Free Shipping on ALL orders
* 25% off orders $100+
* 30% off orders $150+

Store (CA): Save up to 30% off everything with code MERRY

* 20% off on all orders
* 25% off orders $130+ CAD
* 30% off orders $195+ CAD

Bulk Discounts for Schools and Groups

Bulk discounting starts at 20% off for 10 crates and goes up for larger quantities.
Bulk discounting not valid with other promotions.

* 10 individual crates - 20% off
* 20 crates - 28% off
* 50 crates - 40% off
* 100 crates - 44% off
Additional discounting available for larger quantities and subscriptions!

Camp KiwiCo Bundle Deals

Get handpicked crates to pair with your Camp KiwiCo experience! Save 20%+ through bundles for every age. (Only available for United States shipping)

Why Should You Use KiwiCo Coupons?

At KiwiCo, all of our science and art projects are designed by experts and tested by kids. Our goal is to inspire kids to grow their creative skills and become awesome problem-solvers. We now offer projects for every age and interest, so our STEM crates provide fun, interactive learning for the whole family. So far, our subscribers have received over 10 million crates and counting!
KiwiCo coupons and promo codes are a great way to get started on creating, exploring, and learning!

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